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We serve a range of delicious toasties, sarnies, salads and most importantly cake 

AND there's a good chance you'll have a free hand to eat with whilst your little is happy playing close by...bonus!

For the diddy ones we have a special menu with recipes and portion sizes to suit their age/weaning stage.

Drinks-wise, we are serving amazing Round Hill Roastery coffee, Leafy Tea Company teas, and the yummiest hot chocolate, plus smoothies (including a banging lactation blend), tempting milkshakes, and a range of other refreshing cold drinks.

Babycinos and mini hot chocolates for the mini people plus a nutrient rich smoothie every day means they (hopefully!) won't want to steal any of yours!


We've carefully designed every aspect of our space to ensure it works for parents (and grandparents and nannies and anybody else who looks after any aged kiddiwinkles all day). 

We have planned an easily accessible, clean and organised changing area and family loo seats on all toilets to suit little bottoms as well as adult ones.

There are comfy chairs with nursing pillows available so that breastfeeding Mamas can feed without their back hurting...even if your little will only ever feed in that bloomin' rugby ball position!

We have lots of highchairs and booster seats which will be kept clean and maintained at all times.

And most of all, we have a lovely friendly welcome awaiting you.


We all know how other children's toys are SO much more interesting than their own right?!

We have all sorts of bouncers, bumbo's & clean safe spaces where your tiny can have a wriggle and play (or a snooze!) next to your table gaining you a much needed moment to enjoy your lunch with both hands! 

Our toddler friendly areas feature a huge range of age appropriate toys and there's room for them to toddle around without risking escape into the great outdoors.

And for bigger ones there will always be plenty of things to keep them amused at the table.

We have designed a space to allow your little poppets to enjoy, to inspire them, and to capture their imaginations - hopefully for long enough to allow you to drink that cuppa whilst it's hot, hot, HOT! Yay!

A little bit about me...


Hi. My name is Flis, and I'm the owner of Fox & Kit.

I live in the beautiful city of Bath with my lovely husband Gavin, our little girl, a Jack Russell pup called Renly, and Pearl the cat (whom outdates everyone else and has the attitude to match).


Since my little girl arrived in May 2016 I've been trekking around the streets of Bath (mostly to get her to sleep) in search of a place I could comfortably be with her, whilst indulging my need for caffeine and/or cake. I found there was a void of places I could visit with my new set of requirements - buggy access, good (and clean!) baby changing facilities, a comfy enough chair to breastfeed in without feeling like my bottom had gone into a coma after 5minutes... being a new parent is super tough and I just wanted a place of solace where I could feel comfy & welcome, and adequately (de)caffeinated after yet another sleepless night.


Fast forward over 3 & a half years and I was still struggling to find somewhere suitable, and adding the joys (?!) of a fast moving wriggly toddler whom most definitely did not want to sit still on my lap or in a highchair until I ate my inevitably now cold panini. After chatting to lots of other parents & caregivers of different aged children it seemed I was very much not alone in my struggle.

So, this is what I set out to build. A little place of solace where people who happen to spend most of their waking hours (and many of those they wish weren't awake for!) with children can come and hang out, drink coffee and enjoy a bite to eat, whilst their little ones play with lovely age appropriate toys in a safe and fun environment.

Somewhere all needs are met- from drinking your latte before it's gone stone cold (I feel your pain folks!), being able to put your baby down somewhere clean and safe to give your arms a bit of a rest, to having space for toddlers to toddle without risking running into the street and being caught up in a passing group of tourists, keeping your older offspring amused and fed whilst juggling general life, to dealing with a poo-nami, poo-mageddon, poo-splosion situation in a lovely tidy well designed changing area. I wanted to create this for all parents in our brilliant city to feel welcome and looked after.

After 15 years in the hospitality industry working in bars, cafes, pubs and restaurants, from tiny independents to huge multinational chains, I'm so happy to have started my own business doing what I love. I have a passion for delivering great service and a fantastic product, and I can't wait to welcome you and your babes (whether they are 3 weeks, 3 years or 30 years old!).

Big love,


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